Matthew| Surprise Arizona Newborn Photographer | Gradybug Photography

Meet Matthew! I first met his mama when I was in labor with my son, she was my L&D nurse. I was so thankful for her care and help during my labor and birth! Nurses are the best! It was so fun to see her again and meet her new little man for his newborn photography session! Welcome to world Matthew!


Surprise Arizona Newborn Photographer | Gradybug Photography

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Stella| Peoria Arizona Newborn Photographer | Gradybug Photography

I’m so in love with this sweet little lady of mine, meet Stella! Her three older brothers adore her, it’s the sweetest thing to see them with a little sister. I’m loving having a girl to dress, and accessorize, it’s so fun!  I can’t wait for all the girly things ahead she and I will get to share together.

Melissa and I took so many pictures of her, we were in the studio 3 solid days and I loved every minute of it, I loved being able to photograph my own baby! I can’t believe she is already 6 weeks old today, where does the time go? She has grown so much since we took these photos, I’m so grateful I was able to capture her as a tiny newborn, it’s priceless, below are some of my favorites!

Welcome to our family Stella!


Peoria Arizona Newborn Photographer | Gradybug Photography

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Millie| Peoria Arizona Newborn Photographer | Gradybug Photography

Oh Sweet Millie, check out all her hair, what a cute baby! She also had the yummiest cheeks, we loved

taking her newborn portraits! I cannot wait for my little girls arrival it just 2 short weeks!  -Ashlee



Phoenix Newborn Photographer | Gradybug Photography

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Zander| Phoenix Arizona Newborn Photographer | Gradybug Photography

I am so excited to finally introduce my little new guy, Zander! He is so loved by all of us and his 3 big sisters! It has been fun to have a little boy join our family!

This post is a long time coming! Zander is 2 months old today.  Life with a newborn, 18 month old, 3 year old and a 7 year old out for summer break has been a little hectic at times! But we are finally settling into a routine and adjusting to our new life as a family of 6! I’ve actually braved all 4 kids by myself in public a few different times (eek!).

As I look at Zander now, laying in my lap while I type this post, I can’t help but think how much he has grown! He is so much bigger than he was for these newborn pictures. He no longer lets me mess with his hands or feet while he is sleeping without stirring. He would not like to be posed in those precious squishy newborn poses anymore and would not sleep through an entire session. Newborns are best photographed before they are 14 days old.  I look at his pictures and I am so grateful for these sweet little reminders that I have of just how tiny and new he was! He will never again be that small! We recommend that if you want newborn pictures, you book with us while you are still pregnant, to be sure that we have availability. You don’t want to miss this small window of opportunity to get your newborn pictures taken. Those days after coming home with a baby are such a blur and everyone is sleep deprived. The last thing you want to do is try and scramble to find a newborn photographer!

When we photograph a clients newborn baby, we only get to photograph them for a short few hours. But when a newborn photographer has her own baby to photograph, we have WEEKS! And I soaked up every moment I could with him! Ashlee and I photographed him for 3 solid days and I would sneak up to the studio every moment I could! As soon as nap time rolled around or all my girls were snuggled into bed, I could be found taking more pictures of him! Often times my girls would all come in “help” me during the day to take pictures of him. They would “SHHH” him and be my little assistants. My sweet Skye even brought her little camera and would take him pictures too. She would stand back, take the picture, look at the camera and say something adorable about how cute he is and then walk up the Zander on the bean bag and reposition his head or hand and back up again to take another shot… I think she’s been watching me! 🙂

I made a little video birth announcement of Zander that includes all of his newborn pictures in this post.

Welcome to our family Zander!



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Miral - Every picture is smlipy precious. It is beautiful to see this baby girl in such sweet pictures. She is a dream come true. Your photographs brought tears to my eyes it was like seeing a dream come true. (So happy for Olivia’s mommy and daddy!)

Amelia | Phoenix Arizona Newborn Photographer | Gradybug Photography

So many beautiful little girls this year in the studio, meet Amelia.

We loved all the spring colors the mom requested for her newborn session,

what a beauty!  Thanks again for choosing Gradybug Photography for your

newborn portraits.



Phoenix Newborn Photography | Gradybug Photography | Peoria Newborn Photography

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